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Best Solana NFT projects

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This is our projects selection, these are all the projects that we believe have the greatest potential to give you a profit if you mint them. Remember that this is our personal opinion, always do your own research before investing on a new project.
This page is updated every Sunday with new Solana NFT projects.

Kaizoku Mechanics

10/06/2022 SOLD OUT

100K 48,6K

Price: 1.78 SOL

Supply: 4287


09/04/2022 SOLD OUT

18,5K 5K

Price: 0.99 SOL

Supply: 3500


31/03/2022 REFUNDED

21,6K 27,5K

Price: 2.5 SOL

Supply: 8000

Project Hive

28/03/2022 SOLD

43,2K 48,4K

Price: 2.5 SOL

Supply: 7000


15/03/2022 SOLD OUT

9,7K 30,5K

Price: 0.5 SOL

Supply: 7000

Sol Realty

14/03/2022 SOLD OUT

24,4K 11,3K

Price: 2 SOL

Supply: 3000

Results of the last months

These are the results of the last months, remember that the results may vary each month.
There may be months that we have a negative ROI (Return On Investment), so we always recommend that you do not take this as a financial advise, always assess the projects that we recommend before investing in them.

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Top upcoming Solana NFT projects

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